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You are most welcome to leave a comment but I expect these to conform to publicly acceptable standards. No swearwords, no religious or sexual comments. And certainly no references to my undoubted intelligent look.... You can access the blog from this page via the 'Blog' icon below left.

Croeso i ti, allet adael neges ond dw i'n disgwyl y rhain fod yn dderbyniol i'r darllenwyr a fi. Felly, dim geiriau rhegi, dim esboniadau am crefydd neu esboniadau natur rywiol. Diolch!
Justice and fairness

The blog details my own political opinions but not solely so.
Perhaps I am not a particularly socially minded individual but I like to see justice and fairness prevail.
I try to see both sides of a dispute or problem but will I make up my mind? Possibly not!
The blog may have posts in two other languages - Welsh and Dutch.
Felly, hoffwn weld rhydded i Gymru yn fuan! Gwych!
Mae llawer o bobl wedi gofyn, pam dych chi’n dysgu Cymraeg? Wel, mae’n hawdd, dw i’n byw yng Nghymru. Mae’n ddrwg ‘da fi fod wedi ei adael amser mor hir. Iawn, dw i wedi dechrau a gobeithio fod yn rhygl cyn bo hir. Os yw diddordeb gennych hefyd, edrychwch i’r wefan
Flex or not to flex.... that's the question...

It has been a bit of a struggle to get Flexbox working the way I wanted it. The truth is that it is not easy to keep the boxes where they are supposed to be. There are hundreds of bits of advice how to set it up and yes, the boxes will be shown in their alloted places. But now try to get text and images into them. I found that to separate images and text in the same box, separate divs will work OK. With or without tinted backgrounds. I have to admit to work with the latest edition of Sublime Text makes life a lot easier. Atom as well, is a very good development program but slower. Personally I like the way Sublime allows coding input. Even so, things might have escaped my attention or even a Welsh speaker can see some glaring error - I'll be most happy to receive any comments on the blog. Diolch yn fawr!
I live by a few simple rules...

Rule One - Hendrik is always right
Rule Two - If Hendrik is wrong,
see Rule One.

Although there are many ideas about how to write a blog or even to start one, my own ideas are quite simple – I comment on what happens around me. Be that political (mostly) or visions of how the world should be like. This could take in the state of the environment locally and internationally, and yes Brexit! You might have thought ‘Ah, that’s easy’; well, maybe but there are quite a number of side-issues going with it. I might also just throw in a bit of my hobbies, computers, coding and that in one of three languages, English, Dutch and Welsh. The Welsh language is having a bit of a revival, more people learning to speak and some even go as far as being a competent writer as well. So, have fun and remember my rules and no sexual swearwords or innuendo, or religious opinions.